Bishop Tony

Club President

The Most Reverend Bishop Emeritus Anthony Farquhar (affectionately known throughout the league as Bishop Tony)

I am proud to say that, through my late father, I have had a family connection with the club for over 60 years. Every time I see Chairman Denis Clarke with a member of his family at a Queen’s match, I look back nostalgically at the old QUB days at Cherryvale, and recall accompanying my father to matches there. Those memories go back to one of my predecessors – Past Club President, Mr Harry Lowry, who was one of the great influences on my student life in so many ways.

This connection has remained uninterrupted for many years. Even when I worked for eight years in the new Ulster University at Coleraine, the Club Chairman, Doctor Tom Stark, did me the honour of making me Patron of the Club, thereby enabling me to remain as president of QUB AFC.

So too I was able to maintain a keen involvement as Patron in the work of the Irish Universities Football Union, and in that role attending over 40 Collingwood Cups.  Many happy memories!!!

My father may have handed on to me little or no footballing ability, but he did leave me a legacy of involvement in student sports and student football in particular.

When I was a student in Rome in the early 1960s, my memory is of my father purchasing each week not one, but two copies of the Ireland Saturday Night – from one of which the cutting on the QUB match arrived by airmail on Tuesday, and then later in the week came the complete newspaper.

I have so many happy memories of big occasions through the years – a Steel and Sons Cup Semi-Final in the late 1960s, when we took Larne to a replay, and also the more recent achievement of reaching the Irish Cup Semi-Final. But my abiding memory of the Club is of a community spread over the years – players supported by past players, family and friends. One of my delights is always to meet up with players of the past on a Saturday at The Dub.

So too I look back on all sorts of friendships with other clubs from all corners of the community – even in our most difficult times.  Yes, QUB AFC has given me such a hobby through what has been almost a lifetime.