Ian reflects on the season

Following their final game this evening Colts manager Ian McArthur gave his thoughts on what was a very encouraging first season for his charges in Division 3E.

“Firstly I really wanted the boys to win tonight for a number of reasons but this last month has been exasperating in terms of fielding a team at all never mind our strongest. We have had six away games in a row and faced a lot of opponents who were strengthened by first team players.

“I told the lads we all need to reflect on a very good season indeed. We have more than held our own in a far more physically challenging league and done so with what is essentially a brand new squad. Glen and I set a target of 30 points and we have come up just one short. The style and quality of our football has been outstanding on a regular basis and in truth we have only let our standards drop in a couple of matches. The team has grown and developed in spite of the late start and the annoying stop-start nature of our fixtures.

“This has easily been my most problematic year in terms of fielding our strongest team. For example, I don’t think we have had the same back four in any of the twenty league games and that has been a major source of frustration for me. Having a regular central defensive pairing is so important for any team but in a physical division like ours even more so. I take my hat off to the lads who have been press-ganged into playing centre-back.

“We have used upwards of thirty players this season including six different keepers and no less than fifteen different central defenders. Once again overseas students have been to the fore with Carlos Alvarez and Nacho Bravo becoming popular and integral members of the Colts’ squad. Young English keeper Nick Lewsley has had a very good season. Our group of new Freshers have all improved as the season progressed and I have no doubt several of them will be pressing for places in the 2nds squad next season.”