Cochrane Corry Cup winners reunion

Queen’s Seconds only ever victory in the Amateur League’s Cochrane Corry Cup came in 1968 when we defeated Iveagh United by 3 goals to two. Tom McGrath (2) and Ashley Thompson were the scorers.

The team which played in the final against Iveagh United was:-
Les Spence, Danny Rooney, Brendan Fulton, Brian Dean, Trevor Walker, Jimmy Whalley, Alan Hingston, Tom McGrath, Denis Maguire, Danny Quinn

Danny Rooney, who was Captain of that team, has lived for many years in Melbourne, Australia. Another member of that team, Brendan Fulton, took advantage of Danny’s recent trip home to arrange a get together in the Wellington Park hotel, for some of the people who played at that time. Also present was Club President Bishop Tony Farquhar. It was a most enjoyable evening in which many great victories, glorious defeats and might have beens were recalled.

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