New players trials

We had a total of 63 players at our trials on Monday and Wednesday of this week, a good number
considering the poor weather especially on Wednesday.

Spotting the best players among so many is a most difficult task. Our coaches identified those who
showed up best and invited them to our training. A number of the new players have been included in
our Colts team tomorrow.

Obviously, a lot of players have not been asked to stay with the club, and I am sure they are
disappointed. However, recreational 5-a- side football is available at the PE Centre on Wednesdays 2-
5pm and hopefully some of you will take part in that.

We are always keen to know of students who are playing for other clubs at a high level. These
players may want to come and try to make it with our first team or may want to stay where they are
and still play for Queen’s in the Collingwood Cup in February. Contact first team manager Peter
Thompson with your footballing CV if this interests you.

Finally, a big thank you goes to our coaches and our volunteers for all their help this past week.

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